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Voyages-sncf | Bienvenue, Au Revoir

Very cool personalized experience done by DDB Paris for French rail company SNCF.

check out their branded YouTube Channel

The Last Exorcism | Chatroulette

Probably the best use of Chatroulette I’ve seen thus far. Enjoy.

Ecomomy is down, why not sell yourself for ad space?

That is exactly what Jason Sadler did. Is Jason a famous guy? nope, just a regular guy that actually works for For the whole year you can book him to wear a t-shirt with a company logo and have him do what ever while blogging and taking pictures. January 1st sells for $1 and each day goes up, so Dec. 31 sells for $356. If he sells out the year he’ll make $66,796. So far within 5 days of launching his first 2 months are sold out, not bad.

Marc Horowitz – The National Dinner Tour

Marc Horowitz got brave and wrote his number in a Crate & Barrel catalog and ask random people to have dinner with him and got more than 30,000 phone calls. He drove across the country and schedule dinners with these individuals, calling it The National Dinner Tour. Simple and great way to bring awareness to Crate & Barrel’s brand.

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